Art Gallery

Enjoy the exhibits at The Adele Grage Gallery (716 Ocean Blvd.) with a  featured monthly artist of photography or paintings of different mediums.  Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm (closed 12-1 pm)

A reception is held the third Thursday of the month at the Gallery from 5-8 pm, rain or shine.  The reception is open to the public and held during the North Beaches Art Walk.  Meet this month's featured artist while enjoying free refreshments and light snacks.  

May Artist of the Month:  SHAKIR HUSEIN "LANDSCAPES"

ShakirHusein has had a lifelong passion for painting and has practiced in a variety ofmediums including watercolors, acrylics and oils.

Largelyself-taught, he began painting in his native country, Guyana where he wasinfluenced by local landscape artists.  He later lived in many of the Caribbeanislands and developed a passion for bright and cheery landscapes.  While in the Cayman Islands, he was an activemember of the Visual Arts Society where he studied under resident artists and frequentguest artists from the United States. He exhibited and sold art through thesociety and through local art vendors who catered to a vibrant tourism market.

After movingto the Jacksonville area, there was a prolonged absence from the art world beforeShakir resumed painting under the guidance of local artist Jami Childers. He workspart-time from his studio at home, and paints primarily in oils with a focus onthe American landscape.  Shakir is amember of the First Coast Plein Air Painters, and he hopes to spend more timepainting outdoors in the future.

Enjoywalking through the gallery as the colorful landscapes allow you to escape intoShakir’s artistic beauty at the Adele Grage Gallery Monday – Friday 8 am – 4pm.  Meet Shakir during the ArtistReception on Thursday, May 17th from 5-8 pm at the Adele GrageGallery – 716 Ocean Blvd. Atlantic Beach.

Upcoming Exhibits:

June - Sharon Westbrook-Abstract Paintings
July - Arts in the Park Winners
August - John Rennie - Photography (First Ever Exhibit)
September - Ted Head - Oils & Watercolors
October - Steven Haley - Photography
November - Diana Patterson - Acrylic Art
December - TBA
Artisans' Faire - December 6th by invited artists

January - Miwa Fiore - Acrylic Art (First Time at Adele Grage Gallery)
February - Aisha McBurnie - (First Time at Adele Grage Gallery)
March - Susan Bolenbaugh - Drawings (Returns to Adele Grage Gallery)

Artists interested in exhibiting at the Adele Grage Gallery, should contact the Recreation department at or call 904-247-5828 for information.